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Education & Training

Graduate Program

The Plant Resilience Institute (PRI) offers a vibrant research environment, with faculty members engaged in a wide range of interdisciplinary research activities. Affiliated with multiple departments and programs on campus, PRI provides a diverse and collaborative community for graduate students working in its laboratories.

Prospective graduate students interested in joining PRI are encouraged to apply through the Molecular Plant Sciences (MPS) graduate program or the BioMolecular Science Gateway, specifying their interest in being considered by PRI and indicating any faculty members whose research aligns with their interests. It is also recommended to reach out to core PRI faculty to inquire about potential openings in their labs, as not all faculty members accept students every year.

Additionally, applicants referred by affiliated degree-granting departments and programs are also considered. Our faculty are affiliated with one college and seven departments through joint appointments of its faculty:


Graduate Students in the PRI are fully funded, but several do also apply for outside support. Award of a fellowship in recognition of outstanding performance can be an attractive addition to a resume, and in some cases the stipend may be slightly larger. Fellowship opportunities may be found at the Graduate School Funding website.

Training Next Gen Plant Scientists

Academic Jobs Workshops

Hosted by Dr. David Lowry, this series of workshops is designed to prepare candidates to apply for academic jobs. Participants review successful applications, identify the elements of strong application materials, and engage in writing and editing exercises to craft their own application packets. 

  • 07/07: Welcome Session
  • 07/14: Cover Letters
  • 07/21: Research Statements
  • 07/28: Teaching Statements
  • 08/04: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Statements
  • TBD: Writing and Peer Review