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Symposium 2020

Myrothamnus flabellifolia as anemerging model for plant resiliency. The genus Myrothamnus contains two species, both of which are dioecious, diploid, and desiccation tolerant. Myrothamnus flabellifolia is distributed across southern Africa in disjunct populations, and M. moschata  is endemic to Madagascar. In addition to being desiccation tolerant, M. flabellifolia produces a robust profile of secondary compounds with important medicinal applications.

Theme: Dimensions of Plant Resilience Symposium 

When: May 7 & 8, 2020

Molecular Plant Science BuildingWhere: Rm. 1200 Molecular Plant Sciences Building 

             Michigan State University

             1066 Bogue St, East Lansing, MI 48824

Cost: FREE

About the symposium: 

The Michigan State University Plant Resilience Institute is happy to announce its inaugural research symposium focused on plant resilience. The symposium will include invited speakers, short talks, a poster session, and numerous opportunities for networking. 

The theme of the 2020 symposium is: Dimensions of Plant Resilience. During this period of climate instability (climate change), both natural and agricultural ecosystems are adapting to unprecedented environmental challenges. These challenges span several dimensions ranging from plant-associated microbes, insects, plant pathogens, and abiotic factors such as high soil salinity, drought stress, excessive heat, and freezing temperatures. Moreover, a complex network of interactions between these biotic and abiotic stressors further challenge plant resilience—and ultimately environmental and agricultural sustainability. The goal of this symposium is to bring together researchers from diverse disciplines to stimulate creative collaborations across dimensions.

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