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Zhongjie Ji

Zhonjie works in Addie Thompson's lab.

Zhongjie is a PhD student in Plant, Soil and Microbial sciences at MSU advised by Dr. Addie Thompson. He graduated from Shandong Agricultural University with a Bachelor’s degree in Agronomy. After graduation, he came to the United States from China to earn a Master’s degree in Agronomy in Dr. Yiwei Jiang’s lab at Purdue University. Here at MSU, Zhongjie’s research focus is on high-throughput phenotyping of maize traits with image analysis and crop growth modeling. The overarching goal of his work is to integrate genomic prediction with parameters from high-throughput phenotyping into crop growth models to estimate the performance of unobserved genotypes in unobserved environments, including abiotic stress and future climate change scenarios. Zhongjie enjoys research work and wants to join academia after graduation.