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Adam Seroka

Adam works in Sheng-Yang He’s Lab.
Area of Expertise: Plant response to pathogens and elevated temperature.

Adam was born and raised in Michigan before moving to Missouri to complete his Bachelor’s Degree at Washington University in St. Louis. There Adam performed research and completed his honor’s thesis on auxin signaling in response to low light and worked on generating auxin reporter lines. The fascination for plant hormones stuck with Adam and fueled his research interests when he joined Michigan State University’s Department of Plant Biology. Now he is studying how warm temperatures influence immunity in Arabidopsis thaliana against bacterial pathogens, focusing on upstream pathogen perception events that affect salicylic acid biosynthesis. After graduation, Adam hopes to be working on developing the next generation of crop plants that can tolerate both temperature extremes and pathogen stress with minimal tradeoffs in a government or industry setting. Beyond the bench, you can frequently find Adam swimming laps, hiking trails, and cooking to fuel his activities.