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James Patrick Santiago

James Patrick Santiago works in Tom Sharkey's Lab. 

James came to the United States from the Philippines to pursue a Masters degree in Horticulture at the University of Maine. In Maine, he studied mineral nutrition and production of lowbush blueberry. After completing his degree, one of James’ thesis chapter was endorsed by the University as a guide for fertilizer treatment by blueberry farmers. Intrigued by the intricate world of plant nutrition and physiology, James decided to further his education and was accepted in the Molecular Plant Science PhD program at Washington State University (WSU). At WSU, James characterized the physiological function of amino acid transporters that function in cellular import and chloroplast export of amino acids and found a transporter protein involved in phloem loading of amino acids. Here at MSU, James is studying how sucrose export from source leaves and delivery to anthers is involved in heat tolerance in common bean plants. He is also interested in if and how amino acids and mineral nutrition contributes to anther and pollen thermotolerance. James plans to become a professor someday and further study the effect of high temperature in nutrient transport, metabolism and productivity. During his free time James likes to read, cook, and take naps.